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Cover Art, Dream Network Journal

Cover art, Silk Road Magazine

Interview in American Tarot Association quarterly journal

Dream Network Journal - cover art


Editorial Illustration at Philosophy Now Magazine


Featured article & art at Rainbow News Magazine, NZ

Cover art at Orbis Magazine

Philosophy Now Magazine - Editorial article

Editorial article & art - The Art of Healing Magazine

Light Bridges Magazine - featured article and art

Brighthill – Lightwork Magazine(online)–cover art

Jan-2010 New Age Tribune - article
Dec-2009 Cross Currents Magazine – Cover art
Dec-2009 Global Goddess (online) Magazine featured artist
Dec-2009 The Hudson View Poetry Journal Cover front and back
Oct-2009 PositiveHealthOnline - featured article - Soul-Mating According to the Kabbalah and cover art
Oct-2009 The Mom Egg Poetry Magazine
Oct-2009 Lint Image Magzine - featured art
Oct-2009 Ultra Magazine Finland - Cover Art
Oct-2009 The Messenger - featured article - Soul-Mating According to the Kabbalah
Oct-2009 A Cappella Zoo Cover Art
Sep-2009 Connection Spirit Magazine (Germany) cover art
Sep-2009 Lightwork Magazine - article "Who Are Arniel, Mathael, and Shalmiel?"
Sep-2009 Holistic Living Magazine - article: "A Window into another Dimension"
Sep-2009 "The New Connection Magazine" article : "Far out Worlds"
Sep-2009 "The Dream Network" cover art, back cover art, editorial art - Article Parallel Worlds.
Aug-2009 Express Magazine - (Romanian) article about "The Last Supper" by Dorel Shorr
Aug-2009 Universo Magazine Venezuela - Published Article
Aug-2009 Feature Article by Art Critic Dr Dorell Shorr - Express Magazine - RomaniaEnglish Translation
Aug-2009 Dream Networks Cover Art
Aug-2009 Universo New Age (Venezuela) article about Angels
Jul-2009 Your Spiritual Revolution (India) Cover Art
Jul-2009 Ekleksographia Magazine - Cover Art
Jul-2009 El Buscador (The Search) Magazine (Mexico) - Cover Art
Jul-2009 The Third Millenium Magazine (France) - editorial illustrations
Jul-2009 Nexus Magazine - Cover Art
Jul-2009 Poetica Magazine Cover Art
Jul-2009 Tip Magazine Article
Jul-2009 The Spirit of Ma'at
Jul-2009 The messenger: (South Carolina)
Jul-2009 Wisdom Magazine's Web Edition:
May-2009 Universe New Age Magazine (Venezuela) Editorial article
May-2009 (online magazine) editorial article
May-2009 The Art of Healing Magazine Cover art
May-2009 New Age Journal Editorial article
May-2009 Alternative Culture Magazine editorial article
May-2009 PS Magazine Feature article
Apr-2009 magazine online, cover art
Apr-2009 Dream Network Journal, Cover art
Apr-2009 Edge Soul of The Cities Magazine, April 2009 issue, article Watch and Be Cured
May-2009 Lebens (t) Raume (Life & Spaces) Magazine, Germany, May 2009 - editorial artwork for the article: Science Faith and Reason
Apr-2009 Light Bridges Magazine, print edition, Lockport NY, USA, Cover art
Apr-2009 Tip Magazine cover art
Mar-2009 Visions Magazine visionary artist feature
Mar-2009 The NewSun Magazine, NYC, A Window Into Another Dimension
Mar-2009 Pathways Magazine Washington, DC
Mar-2009 Lightwork Magazine, Paths to Healing
Mar-2009 SethNet Journal feature article
Apr-2009 SethNet Journal, Australia
Jan-2009 New Connexion Magazine Oregon, Painting Worlds Beyond
Jan-2009 Living Now Magazine Australia editorial illustration
Feb-2008 Design Magazine Haair(Tel Aviv City Weekly Magazine), Israel
Feb-2007 Tel Aviv Newspaper- artwork review
Oct-2006 NRG Culture, Israel feature article
Feb-2003 Maariv Lifestyle Exhibition review
Mar-2003 Auction Magazine, Israel, feature article
Mar-2002 Womens World magazine, Israel, Feature article
Sep-2000 Tzomet Hasharon, Exhibition review
Aug-2000 Alternative Life magazine, Israel, feature article
Sep-2000 Tirosh Start Auction
Apr-1999 Art highlight in LaIsha, womens' managzine
Oct-1999 The Jerusalem Post, Israel
Feb-1997 Encyclopedia of Living Artists, 10th Edition, 1997, USA
Feb-1990 Yoga Journal, Berkeley, CA, 1990 editorial illustration