Brother Paul Brother Paul
76x76 cm - 1995(sold)

I once Had A Cow I once Had A Cow
61x76 cm - 1995(sold)

Jupiter Sky Jupiter Sky
76x102 cm - 1995

Liquid Hot Liquid Hot
63x75 cm - 1995

Settlement 1962 Settlement 1962
91x107 cm - 1995

The Stand Still Routine The Stand Still Routine
110x116 cm - 1995

To be a Singer To be a Singer
71x84 cm - 1995(sold)

Two Virgins Waiting Two Virgins Waiting
80x100 cm - 1995(sold)

In My Studio In My Studio
69x94 cm - 1994

Sweet Greens Sweet Greens
92x107 cm - 1994