Gabriel's Brother Gabriel's Brother
30x50 cm - 2007(sold)

The Golden Navigator The Golden Navigator
60x80 cm - 2007

Nectars of Heaven Nectars of Heaven
60x70 cm - 2007
It does not matter if you are successful, rich, talented or famous. We are all thirsty for love, admiration, and nutrition for the soul. The Nectar of Heaven, divine love, nurtures and cures us all.

A Polaric Dialogue A Polaric Dialogue
50x70 cm - 2007

Sky Sampling Sky Sampling
50x70 cm - 2007

Sorkin's Arrival Sorkin's Arrival
30x50 cm - 2007

Team Kynesis Team Kynesis
70x90 cm - 2007
We cannot achieve anything in this world by our own efforts only. What comes into actualization is, in fact, the individual complexity of a person and the threads that link him to others.

Teruvian Satellite Station Teruvian Satellite Station
80x100 cm - 2007

The Barier The Barier
50x60 cm - 2007

The Program The Program
70x90 cm - 2007(sold)

Thought Trapper Thought Trapper
90x90 cm - 2007

Three Wise Men Three Wise Men
40x50 cm - 2007(sold)