Travel to Aspamia Travel to Aspamia
50x70 cm - 2007

The Logic of Inversion The Logic of Inversion
60x70 cm - 2007
The Alchemy of Change:

Disassembly and re-assembly of existing ingredients can create substantial positive changes. Every complex material is composed of many smaller ingredients, whose total is larger than the sum of their parts. Reorganization of existing components in a new assemblage changes the essence of things. Like heavenly music made of different scales of notes is re-created every time the order of notes is re-composed.

Humans are intricate beings: their total sum is composed of many levels that work together in a way which is unique to any individual person. This gives each and every one a distinctive character. We can see our process of spiritual transformation as getting into a large factory, where we are grinded, kneaded, and re-assembled. At the end of this period, we come out from the other side, and our souls are colored with new and brilliant shades.

Look inside to see all the wonderful ingredients that compose your individuality. You have them all, nothing is missing… If you wish to create positive changes in your life, allow yourself to go through this grinding “machine” and compose new harmonies within yourself.

The painting “The Logic of Inversion” demonstrates this process.

Vanishing Delusions Vanishing Delusions
60x80 cm - 2007

Bits of Enlightenment Bits of Enlightenment
50x70 cm - 2007
Quantities of Wisdom

Everything is relative and measurable in our physical existence. We have an impressive ability to conceive new ideas and comprehend abstract concepts.

The universe constantly transmits knowledge, bits of information, signs, hints and messages, which come to expand our consciousness regarding the meaning of life. Knowledge can also be described as energy in diverse frequencies.

When a tremendous force tries to enter a limited vessel, it may cause it to explode, not being able to contain such powerful vibration. Our human vessels are limited by nature, and large volumes of energy have to constrict themselves before entering into human consciousness.

Total wisdom is limitless and immeasurable, but we can only absorb it in small fractions, so that our human minds will not become overwhelmed. We sort, register, store, and document those meaningful ideas that are revealed to us. Wisdom enables us to process and internalize new thoughts which are essential to our growth.

The painting “Bits of Enlightenment” illustrates the process.

Two Carpenters Two Carpenters
70x100 cm - 2007

Shedding Heavy Traces Shedding Heavy Traces
90x70 cm - 2007
Shedding Away:

Many peels cover our genuine essence: When a soul is incarnated into the physical world, it is enrobed by several layers of earthliness. The soul is the core of our being, it is enclosed with our mental, emotional, energetic and physical bodies which are necessary for life in a physical form.

When material life ends and the soul is ready to proceed to its next level, all the external mantles are not necessary any more. In fact – they are restrictive, and bind the soul into the physical realm. In the process of departing from the material kingdom, the nucleus soul sheds away peel after peel. First – the physical wrapping – the body itself which is left behind at the moment of death, and later on, it sheds away the emotional, mental and energetic bodies. Being free again – the soul can “come back to its true senses” and unite with the divine light.

The painting “Shedding Heavy Traces” illustrates an individual soul on its way to the eternal, as the layers it sheds are symbolized by heave packages.

All You Need to Know All You Need to Know
80x90 cm - 2006

Almost Weightless Almost Weightless
80x80 cm - 2006

Birhday II Birhday II
90x90 cm - 2006

The Blue Path The Blue Path
90x130 cm - 2006

Chariot in Red Zone Chariot in Red Zone
90x100 cm - 2006

Egg Receptors Egg Receptors
60x80 cm - 2006
The fruits of our creation, the golden eggs are cast into the world with the joy of giving. Even if creditor plants open their jaws and swallow it all for themselves, the labor will persist, because this is the nature of creation.