Games With Hot Air Games With Hot Air
90x90 cm - 2006

The Greenhouse The Greenhouse
90x90 cm - 2006

Musical Chairs Musical Chairs
90x110 cm - 2006

Observatory II Observatory II
80x100 cm - 2006

Paragon of Planes Paragon of Planes
80x90 cm - 2006
In every chaotic situation, there is a seed of logic and order.

Sleep Walking Queen Sleep Walking Queen
80x100 cm - 2006(sold)

Sound to Light Sound to Light
80x100 cm - 2006(sold)

Tune Agriculture Tune Agriculture
90x100 cm - 2006
Fruit bearing plants grow in open space, and their blessed produce creates heavenly music. The good gardening souls conduct the orchestra.

Two Beggars Two Beggars
90x90 cm - 2006

Underground Sirens Underground Sirens
70x1oo cm - 2006

Visible Evidence Visible Evidence
90x90 cm - 2006

Visitors Visitors
70x80 cm - 2006