The Wandering Farmer The Wandering Farmer
80x80 cm - 2006

Watching Hummerfly Watching Hummerfly
30x50 cm - 2006(sold)

Thoughts of Abundance Thoughts of Abundance
90x70cm - 2006

The Delegate The Delegate
80x120 cm - 2005(sold)

Enigma Enigma
80x100 cm - 2005

Grace Grace
80x100 cm - 2005

Noblemen's Chant Noblemen's Chant
80x120 cm - 2005(sold)

Spirit Fusion Spirit Fusion
90x120 cm - 2005

The Therapist The Therapist
90x90 cm - 2005(sold)

Yellow Spiral Field Yellow Spiral Field
80x90 cm - 2005

Alternating Planes Alternating Planes
90x100 cm - 2005
Transitions to Alternate Realms:

Let’s try to visualize what it is like to be bodiless.

As spiritual bodies, we can be everywhere simultaneously. We can hop from one place to another, be in more than two places at the same time, and best of all – transfer ourselves to parallel realms of existence.

After a measured duration of being present in material form, you leave your body because its mission on earth has been fulfilled. The spiritual body migrates to another dimension, your next station of evolution. This is a lovely journey, as your spirit emerges from the physical realm to the eternal realm, and for one instance, hangs in a gateway point. Your voyage is assisted by light entities that ease the transition into the limitless dimension.

The painting “Alternating Planes” describes one of many options of transformation.

The Secret The Secret
60x80 cm - 2004